Sweet Soul EP 7" (2009)

dusty groove "A second split single from related groups Dem Suite and Spinnerty. "Sweet Soul" is a tune that would almost be great enough as an instrumental -- some rolling drums under vamping keyboard bits -- all plenty funky, and then topped with some great female vocals that give the tune a nicely deep flavor. The cut's less a funk cut than a soul one, with a slightly contemporary vibe. "Seasong" has female vocals too, but with more of a club vibe -- although the upbeat track still has some nice darker echoes in the background, showing a similar production ear to the a-side." - Dusty Groove America

Soul Sides At The GM


posted by O.W.

At some point last year, someone suggested to me: "check out this guy Spinnerty," including a link to "Sweet Soul." I instantly dug the vibe, it reminded me some of Adriana Evans' songs from the early 1990s or a track that would have gotten some love at Nickies BBQ in the Haight. I should have already known this was out of the Bay but for whatever reason, I thought it was from Seattle. I also couldn't quite figure out who Elliott Peck was but I'm assuming it's the female singer on here...the fact that she's named "Elliott" is both strange and cool. It wasn't until I was actually on Haight, at the Groove Merchant, listening to Spinnerty's latest 45, "Feels Like Rain" that I discovered: duh, Spinnerty, 1) isn't a group. It's a guy and 2) he's currently living in the Bay (though he's originally from the Midwest). As much as I liked "Sweet Soul," I really, really, really loved "Feels Like Rain." I credit those sweeping vocals looped up in the background but this is so easy to throw onto single-song repeat and just keep playing it over and over. Peck is back, this time credited as "EP" and joining her is rapper Czar Absolute who drops two small verses. The song works better with vocals but there's nothing wrong with flipping the instrumental on as a lovely bit of background.

Labels: 45s, hip-hop, new music, soul/funk

Turntable Lab"Another round of collaboratin' between San Francisco duo Dem Suite and fellow Bay Area DJ/producer Spinnerty. On "Sweet Soul," Spinnerty re-purposes vocals from Dem Suite frontwoman Elliott Peck over a sparse but effective drum loop with subtle touches of bass, guitar and twinkling keys underneath. Dem Suite's "Seasong" on the other side takes the energy up a notch with laptop beats and lyrics that have me imagining a coastal drive in Cali. Limited pressing."

- Turntable Lab Reviewed by Chris Lemon-Red

jet set records "Could this group be the future's multi-faceted sound producer? Better hurry while supplies last!! Bay Area local DJ/Producer Spinnerty (wait, watch out, didn't he also just have a recent release with Record Breakin!?) and SF's own duo Dem Suite have teamed up for this new release!! Two new hits on record, Sweet Soul, which brings an ageless sound, or as Spinnerty himself explains, " the a-side features Sweet Soul, a dusty old school soul number…" which lays down an ensemble of a drum-loop with Miss Elliott's vocals that bring you a bit of a 70's soul vibe, and on the b-side you will hear "Seasong", with its nice slower beats by dem suite, the group of the fore-mentioned Miss Elliott (her vocals sound a bit like Bjork, don't you think?) I highly recommend both sides." -, Japan

Feels Like Rain EP 7" (2008)

dusty groove "A haunting little tune from Dem Suite -- one that begins with a spare, spun-out piano part -- then kicks in with some heavier snapping drums as the female vocals come into play. The tune's got a cascading feel that builds nicely, and although the hook repeats often, it's a big part of the track's catchy quality. "Feels Like Rain" is a weird mix of old school harmony soul and hip hop beats -- kind of a late nite update of early 70s street soul -- in a way that works surprisingly well." - Dusty Groove America

"San Francisco based producer Spinnerty splits this classy 45 with Trazmick Records label mates Dem Suite. On the A, Spinnerty lays down a big slice of boom-bap influenced quality; as perfectly syncopated jazz drum chops meet with deep soul layers and lounge styled vocals. Whilst on the flip Dem Suite's 'The Worst Way' gets a reworking that uses melodic loops, rumbling bass, fractured beats and orchestral overtures to expertly craft a sense of 'beautiful tension' (got us reminiscing on early Rob Dougan cuts)...Definitely one to watch!  -Nuff Stylee, UK

Turntable Lab "Two new tracks produced by that dude from the Bay, Spinnerty - easily one of the most underrated DJs we stock here at Lab. (Did you hear his "I Feel An Urge" mixes from last year??) "The Worst Way" is my pick here, with Spinnerty remixing SF band Dem Suite. Winter is the perfect time for moody downtempo, and this is right up my alley right now with some off-kilter drums and powerful, surging bass. The flip finds Spinnerty on his boom-bap steez for "Feels Like Rain," with vocals from Dem Suite's singer and a guest verse from Animate Objects' Czar Absolute. A nice find, if I do say so myself. Definitely recommended." - Turntable Lab

The A-side brings you a raw, soulful track that features fellow SF female-vocal duo, Dem Suite, that lays a solid, heavy hiphop track as its base, which may take those of you from "generation HipHip track samplers" back in time. The B-side features "The Worst Way", brought to you by Dem Suite's triphop-like abstract sense, combined with their very own solid vocal track. - Calamel, Japan

A one-of-a-kind jam session put together by Bay Area native, Spinnerty, and trio, Dem Suite. Using a dusty, ol'school drum beat as its base, combined with a mellow down-tempo beat, led by seductive vocals, all make "Feels Like Rain" a mind-blowing track. The strong, mood-setting female vocals are mind-altering, comparable to Portishead. "Worst Way"' is composed by its outstanding beat contrasts, along with vocals and piano that seamlessly mingle together. They mark the arrival of another wave of amazing new talents, not anything like LA-style groups, like DJ Day or Take. - DMR, Japan

dusted mag "Soulful modern R&B with chopped drum and vocal breaks. Not bad, but both tracks kinda just hang there, rather than establish a more forceful presence. Perhaps they're redefining California soul, or at least waking it up. Definitely interested in hearing more." - Dusted Magazine

newtone records "Mellow Downtempo from the details of obscurity, California label Trazmick by label artists Spinnerty & Dem Suite. Mellow down tempo! Being warped in the chorus umbrella air of the back, the it is funny, is. Just the lap it enters a little with the rust. (Nakamura)" - Newtone Records, Japan

Breaths and Pages CD (2007)

dusty groove "Offbeat groovers from Dem Suite -- a duo who go way beyond the usual modes of the downtempo scene. This set's surprisingly soulful on most numbers -- thanks to some great vocals from Elliott Peck, which really help ground most of the tunes and give them focus. The beats, keyboards, and electronics are all quite compelling -- as is the production, which has a lush, soundscape sort of feel -- but it's the vocals that really hold the tunes together, and show that Dem Suite have a lot more to offer than just a few simple tricks in the studio." - Dusty Groove America

performer magazine

Dem Suite — Breaths and Pages

Produced and mixed by Connor O'Sullivan

Mastered by John Cuniberti at Plant Studios in Sausalito, CA

Since lively duo Elliott Peck and Connor O'Sullivan, known collectively as Dem Suite, started writing music two years ago, they have landed in San Francisco, started their own label (Trazmick) and released their first full-length album, Breaths and Pages. This collection of carefully crafted tracks features Peck's piano, bass and sultry vocals against the varied and often unexpected results of O'Sullivan's electronic organization of beats and synths. The two have plenty of material to stand on their own, but this hasn't stopped them from letting friends play guitar and rap with them at their shows. One can see how these offhand moments color the style of Dem Suite's recorded work, although the finished product is hardly improvised.

At a distance, the album is a sexy blend of electronic and soul, but closer investigation reveals tracks textured with distinctive hooks built from disparate persuasions. Peck effortlessly navigates whatever unusual terrain O'Sullivan lays down and the result is like early Jewel (minus the yodeling) meandering her way through a catchy disco combination of late '80s video games and early '90s hip-hop. The title track is irresistible from the first throb of quivering synth. The song quickly fills out with drums, tickled piano notes, organ, bright Wurlitzer and Peck sliding through bluesy, sometimes atonal notes. Slightly more low-key, "The White City" sounds like the result of a collaboration between Cut Copy, Lullatone, and Edie Brickell.

While remaining true to its electro-soul outfit, Breaths and Pages seems to take listeners on a complicated — sometimes quirky — journey from the dance floor to the bedroom, changing tone from start to finish. Thanks to the unique instrumentation and lush vocals, this album has elements to put all types in the mood. (Trazmick Recordings) - Lulu McAllister