This album was a 3 year labor of love, creative intensity and musical growth. We are really proud of how this album sounds as a complete work of art. We ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the pressing of the CDs.
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Delphinus [2:57]
Faucet On [4:14]
Days I'm Blue [3:36]
The Rain Won't Let Up [4:20]
Ecliptic [4:46]
Canis Minor [3:50]
Have A Good Youth [5:57]
Beneath The Trees [2:59]
1985 [5:18]
Dem Suite is Elliott Peck and
Connor Jon O'Sullivan.
All songs written, recorded and produced by Dem Suite.
Mixed by Connor Jon O'Sullivan.
Additional engineering by Mike Scully and Arica Rust.
Artwork and design by Connor Jon O'Sullivan.
All songs published by Elliconn Music, BMI.

Matt Nelson - tenor saxophone
Nick Kovach - harmonica
Martin Daniel - additional production on Faucet On
Spinnerty - breaths, comfort and bourbon drinking
Hudson Harrington Berry - vibraphone
Goyo Aranaga - hang
Toby Oler - banjo
Rob Schwartz - drums

Follow the path of the Sun on the celestial sphere.

Thank you to all our contributors who helped us put this record out: Michael Tapscott, Rob Simon, Robin O'Sullivan, David Nichols, Chris Wellin, Aaron Levitz, Jessica Barrett, Frank Yan, Heather Smith, Joshua Rampage, Dan Spinnerty, Katharine Nevins, Vivian Tsay, Michelle, Jennifer Stanson, Gazelle Javantash, Vanessa Hutchinson-Szekely, Heather McGough, Fritz Jacobs, Ryan Wukovits, Natasha Barrett, Kathie Edeli, Susan Shepard, Karl Robrock, Miles Stearman, Allison Shoule, John Motsinger, Joshua Eng, Sena Christian, Ross Fellows, Eric Lewis, Danica Lyons, Marc Wellin, Stephanie Nolletti, Jessica Hannah, Peter F. Roberson, Mike Scully, Margaret, Ralf Hothum, Jon O'Sullivan, Matthew Lynch, Anne Nania, Lynn Tu, Adam Boskey, Nick Kovach and Tom & Margaret Peck.